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Patrice Vermette, production designer

“When you create something, you don’t create it for yourself—you create it for people to appreciate.”

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Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, host-journalist-storyteller-force of nature

“I think it’s important to take chances wherever you are, whatever stage you’re at.”

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Lucy van Oldenbarneveld

Richard Bernardin, photographer-storyteller

“It’s important as a photographer to try to celebrate as many different colours and shapes and sizes as possible. But it takes opportunity to do that. I want to explore different ways that I can use my talents to help create those opportunities.”

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Richard Bernardin

Rosannagh MacLennan, trampolinist-champion

“Winning gold isn’t the experience; it’s everything leading up to that moment that really teaches you the values of sports and the values that you can carry over into the rest of your life.”

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Rosannagh MacLennan