Borysa, friend


Frozen water creates an astonishing array of fascinating patterns, where light and darkness dance, where complexity and simplicity blur perfectly together. Where moments of infinite, awe-inspiring beauty are revealed. If nature’s soul were to be captured, surely it would be here.

This image reminds me of my friend, Borysa, one of the most beautiful souls I know. She has the ability to see light and magic during times of darkness. She is at once steadfast and constantly changing. She loves life in all of its messy intricacies and celebrates its simple joys. She’s the type of friend who believes in you more than you believe in yourself. Borysa inspires everyone around her to be kinder, to laugh more and to embrace moments of serendipity, because possibilities are limitless.

By A. Charlotte Riley, Montreal, Quebec

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  1. kickasscanadians says:

    Gorgeous writing, Charlotte. Thank you!

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