Kickass Continuum Contribution Form

Who can contribute
You can—if you’re a Canadian citizen 13 years of age or older and know a Canadian you want to honour.

Who to write about
Any living Canadian citizen who has positively affected your life. The only exception is if they’re already a Kickass Canadian; if you have something great to share about one of them, please add a comment below their article. (Submitting someone here doesn’t mean they can’t become a Kickass Canadian later.)

What to contribute
Words – A brief (250 words or less) write-up of your subject, including their relationship to you and how they’ve made a difference in your life. You can write a traditional blurb, or feel free to get creative—maybe free verse or a structured poem makes sense to you. You can contribute in English, ou vous pouvez contribuer en français; I’ll post your entry in whichever official language you use.

Artwork – An image you create that’s inspired by your subject. It can be a photo, digital illustration, or scan of a drawing or painting you made—pretty much anything as long as it’s tasteful. If you submit a photo of your subject, make sure you have their permission. Your artwork doesn’t have to be of professional caliber; it just needs to have heart. (Image file must be at least 72ppi and no bigger than 5MB. Accepted formats: jpg, png, gif, tif.)

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