Top-Notch Canucks

Neil Collishaw, driving force-Research Director at Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada

“… to get the body politic to move, scientific evidence is not enough… It needs to be buttressed by real human stories.”

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Neil Collishaw

Tina Fedeski & Margaret Tobolowska, musicians-teachers-philanthropists-virtuoso human beings

“When you’re playing together, you’re learning from each other, you’re being patient, you’re listening, you’re being respectful… You can create something bigger and more beautiful than your individual self.”

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Tina Fedeski & Margaret Tobolowska

Gordon “Red” Batty, Green Bay Packers equipment manager

“If it ended tomorrow, I would walk away with the biggest smile on my face. I can’t believe what I’m able to do.”

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Gordon “Red” Batty