Top-Notch Canucks

Cynthia Bland, survivor-steward of children-founder of Voice Found

“I’ve come to a place where I would rather put my energy towards moving past what happened and really focus on the good I can do now.”

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Cynthia Bland

Kevin Newman, journalist-storyteller-digital media advisor

“When I’ve been presented an opportunity, I’ve always taken it. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. But I never want to live with regret.”

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Kevin Newman

Joel McConvey, Geoff Morrison & Ryan J. Noth, filmmakers-visionaries

“We wanted to bring people the natural beauty of the National Parks through the filter of our favourite artists. With that came much more: the embedded message of conservation, and a sense of importance of place and how fortunate we are to have these incredible, protected spaces.”

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Joel McConvey, Geoff Morrison & Ryan J. Noth