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Ann-Marie MacDonald

Ann-Marie MacDonald, writer-actor-creator-feminist

“As an artist you have to have authentic self and an authentic core, which is a channel for stories and for meaning.”

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Michelle Valberg

Michelle Valberg, photographer-philanthropist-visionary

“What a gift to be able to talk to and photograph all these incredible people.”

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Michelle Valberg
Allan Hawco

Allan Hawco, actor-writer-producer-creative force

“If people tell me the idea I’m pursuing is impossible, that’s when I know that it’s not impossible, it’s just really difficult; and anything worth doing is probably going to be really difficult.”

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Allan Hawco
Scott Chisholm

Scott Chisholm, protector-first responder-change maker-storyteller-Collateral Damage founder

“We’re bringing together so many people who want to do something about suicide.”

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Scott Chisholm