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Kathleen Edwards

Kathleen Edwards, singer-songwriter-businesswoman-badass coffee slinger

“I have to listen to myself more than to what’s happening around me. That’s the most important thing.”

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Sean Michaels

Sean Michaels, writer-inventor-music lover

“I find that, as often as not, other people’s ideas are better than mine and we can kind of accomplish more, and with more energy, when we work together.”

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Sean Michaels
John Goheen

John Goheen, principal-Pilgrimage of Remembrance guide

“It wasn’t about the ‘wow factor’ of war, thinking it was somehow exciting or thrilling; it was always born out of remembrance.”

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John Goheen
Ann-Marie MacDonald

Ann-Marie MacDonald, writer-actor-creator-feminist

“As an artist you have to have authentic self and an authentic core, which is a channel for stories and for meaning.”

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Ann-Marie MacDonald