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Clara Hughes

Clara Hughes, humanitarian-adventurer-athlete-nature lover

“I’ve been reminded by so many people that I’m not alone in the struggles I’ve had, and I think that matters. As human beings it matters to know you’re not alone in this.”

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Marianne Mader

Marianne Mader, geologist-planetary scientist-tinkerer

“What I love about the field of space is the concept of pushing boundaries and technologies.”

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Marianne Mader
Elizabeth Lewis-Crudgington

Elizabeth Lewis-Crudgington, Executive Director of Quest Food Exchange

“When you empower individuals, it automatically gives them dignity and it builds community.”

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Elizabeth Lewis-Crudgington
Kathleen Edwards

Kathleen Edwards, singer-songwriter-businesswoman-badass coffee slinger

“I have to listen to myself more than to what’s happening around me. That’s the most important thing.”

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Kathleen Edwards