Shannon, friend

From left: Finn & Cedar

I met Shannon when our dogs sealed our fate as friends by becoming besties themselves. It’s true that dogs can identify great people, and my dog Cedar helped me find Shannon.

I had no idea at the time, but Shannon was also the kind, caring and giving person behind donations to our agency for children, who are in need during the holidays. Over one-and-a-half years of playdates with our dogs, I have gotten to know her very well, and am almost as excited for our visits as the dogs are!

I chose this photo of our dogs because her love for animals is one of the first things I noticed about Shannon. She has had many pets and works to support local rescues in town. She does more for her dog than most people do for other members of their families! She is devoted, patient and incredibly loving. Shannon is a vegan, which to me demonstrates how honestly she values animal life, and lives her life according to her values. She is thoughtful and generous, and always looking for ways to share her resources (and delicious baking!).

Shannon is very smart and well informed. She has thoughtful opinions about politics and participates in projects that support inclusion and advocating for what’s right for all people in our community. She is a feminist who participates in the Army of Sass dance group to empower all women. I think she goes above and beyond in every role she takes on. More recently, I also learned that she is a gifted artist, when she drew a picture of my dog on a onesie for my son. She has since shared some of her other beautiful drawings and they are gorgeous, too.

I admire Shannon, who is truly a beautiful person. She’s fun and interesting, and I believe the world would be a better place if we were all a little more like her… And also if more people loved others as much as Shannon loves her dog, Finn.

By Margaret Madore, Thunder Bay, Ontario

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