Andy, friend & coach

I have been incredibly fortunate that Andy has been a part of my life for over a decade now. I met him when I made the decision to become a more competitive athlete, and with his coaching and support, I have never looked back. A fitness and wellness enthusiast, a supporter and coach to all makes and models of people, from all walks (and wheels) of life, Andy always brings energy and humour to his work, and somehow awakens the drive and the “believe” in everyone he trains. Through him, I have met such a wonderful group of people who, like Andy, unabashedly look to live their best life, in all aspects. Now co-owner of two amazing facilities in Ottawa (CrossFit 1855 and CANAM Strength and Conditioning), Andy continues to draw the very best in the community—we come together to train, to reset, to heal, to improve our “perform” and to support each other to do #allthework and to make #progress. Thanks for everything, Andy. All the chalk marks I leave at the gym are really a tribute to you!!!

By Cheryl Wadasinghe, Ottawa, Ontario

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  1. Karin Phillips says:

    Like Cheryl, I also got to know Andy through ultimate Frisbee when he either helped out with tryouts or would train our teams on the weekends. It seemed that anyone that I admired was training with him at the dojo. It didn’t matter your fitness level or athletic ability, Andy would always make you feel welcome as soon as you walked in the door. I was reminded of that two weeks ago when I stepped into his gym for the first time and did my first CrossFit class in many years. Everyone shook my hand and I felt at home even though those days at the dojo seem so long ago now. He’s created a community that reflects the best of himself and I am grateful to be able to be a part of it.
    Thanks so much Andy!
    Karin Phillips

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