Kickass Continuum

Doing good happens on a continuum. Some people change our lives by launching foundations and showing us a better way. Or inspire us by breaking world records and setting the bar even higher. Others influence us in smaller ways, but ways that are no less important.

I launched the Kickass Continuum for so many reasons: To invite people to join me in celebrating Canadians, with their words and their creations. To honour more Canadians, in a different way. And above all, to encourage people to express how much they care about those who make their lives better, because we can never say it enough.

This is a platform to let our mentors, inspirers and loved ones know how much they matter.

You can learn more about the requirements, and contribute to the Kickass Continuum, here. But in a nutshell, if you’re a Canadian citizen 13 years of age or older, you can write/create about any living Canadian you know personally (or professionally). Submit a few words—in English or French—on why you’re profiling that subject (250 words or less), along with an image you create that captures their spirit or reflects what they mean to you.







Are you featured on this page but don’t want to be? Please let me know.